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In flow with the energies – ReiKi

In the flow with the energies – ReiKi

What do traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda - the knowledge of long life, yoga as a component of Ayurveda, ReiKi - the teaching of universal life energy from Japan or the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage have in common?


Panta Rhei – Everything flows

Even though all of these healing techniques come from different cultures around the world, the essence remains the same. The aim is to get your personal life energy – the prana, ki or chi, as we call it – flowing and to come back into harmony with the rhythms of nature.

Like inside - so outside, like above - so below, everything is connected and interwoven and in vibration (see also the hermetic laws). I find it very impressive how life has created such a variety of paths and approaches so that there is a suitable path to the goal for everyone.


My path to ReiKi


For me, the path to energy work began with ReiKi. This form of energetic work has accompanied me for more than 25 years. I came into contact with it during my alternative practitioner training. My mind, which was still very rational at the time, had to be convinced that there was much more out there, outside of what I could touch with my hands.

Energy work must be experienced. The body is best suited for this. And that's where the hands come into play again. The hands are a perfect tool for directing energy where it is needed. The gentle touch with the hands in combination with the concentrated attention and being completely present in the present moment, with the person lying in front of me, opens a space for relaxation, becoming whole, reconciliation, and coming into harmony with oneself.

The energy pathways, called meridians or nadis, and the energy centers/chakras can be harmoniously balanced in this way. And since body, mind and soul form a holistic system, stored emotions and thought patterns and concepts are also reached.

The nice thing about working with ReiKi is that it doesn't tire you out or cost you energy. Before energy work, we make ourselves aware that we are part of a larger intelligence. We immerse ourselves, so to speak, in the universal consciousness and tap into this energy. This is how we become an energy channel and energy transmitter.


ReiKi as meditation

Giving yourself ReiKi for 15 or 20 minutes, doing a chakra balancing or simply placing a hand on your heart and a hand on your solar plexus can become pure meditation. You keep your attention on your hands, feeling what you perceive and what signals your body is sending you. The mind becomes calmer and calmer, breathing deeper and more even. The outside world recedes and you come into contact with your inner self. Over time, this inner peace of mind is created that we so often long for in everyday life.


Is ReiKi a special gift?

I am often asked in ReiKi training whether you have to have a gift or a certain talent for ReiKi to work. A clear no! We are all made of energy, vibration, frequency and are embedded in a cosmos that is also energy. This is confirmed by modern physics. Unfortunately, the human perception system has so many filters built in that most people can only perceive solid matter and not the energy that makes it up.

The logical mind often comes to the fallacy: since I cannot see, taste, smell, hear or understand it, it cannot exist. That's why people often need an experience, e.g.b in the form of a treatment to be able to feel this energy. Recently there have also been more and more highly sensitive people whose perception system no longer filters out higher vibrational energies in everyday life.

We are slowly but steadily developing into an energetic society - not only in terms of technologies, but also in the direction of energy medicine. Scientific studies examine the effects of meditation on the brain and brain frequencies. Universities are investigating the positive influence of mindfulness exercises and visualization work on recovery in cancer therapy. The aim here is to raise the brain frequencies to a vibration that sends healing impulses into the body.


ReiKi serves self-efficacy (salutogenesis)


What still excites me about ReiKi just as much as when I first started is the principle of self-efficacy. I have my health in my hands, in the truest sense of the word. I always have my hands with me, no matter where I am. This means I can give energy to myself or others who need help at any time and in any place. This is how I regain some independence. The confirmation that I can contribute something to my own recovery and that I can take responsibility for myself by regularly giving myself ReiKi are important building blocks on the path to healing.

Of course, ReiKi does not necessarily replace a visit to a therapist, doctor or alternative practitioner and, like any other form of relaxation or therapy, cannot promise healing.


ReiKi – the magic of gentle touch Hande-bearbeitet


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