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Knowledge from three worlds


What is Ayuvera? In the following blog article you will learn more about the importance of traditional medicine, how it is related to the regulatory forces and what significance it...

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Western naturopathy and micronutrients

Which micronutrients are of particular importance in naturopathy? The following blog article explains the history and areas of application of western naturopathy and goes into the most important micronutrients.

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3 good reasons for QIDOSHA

Qidosha combines the best of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western herbal medicine. Find out in this blog article why you should choose Qidosha.

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overweight and obesity

What are the causes and consequences of obesity (overweight)? How is obesity viewed in Ayurveda and TCM? This is explained in detail in the following blog article. In addition, the...

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The detoxification of the body

How does the body detoxify? Which bodies are responsible for this? The following blog article provides information about the definition of detoxification and shows the different perspectives in conventional medicine,...

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