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Cooking as meditation

You lie in bed at night and try to fall asleep.

You can't and think about what could be the reason. You think of your To Dos:

"Have I thought of everything?"

"Didn't I forget something else?"

"Could I perhaps now find the solution to my biggest problem, which has been bothering me all day?"

There you go...

The stress that slowly builds up due to everyday pressure has finally reached you and won't let you go.

Stress affects the body and mind

Life is hectic and the events and pressures create stress that negatively affects the mind and body. Work performance, children, schedules, traffic jams, money problems, illness, and encounters with negative people all contribute to stress. To be healthy you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life. What could you do?

Instruments and medicinal herbs against stress

Stress killers from Ayurveda & TCM are adaptogens such as Reishi, Ashwagandha, Brahmi or Shatavari.

But meditation is also an instrument that you can use.

  • Meditation is a wonderful long-term solution to reducing stress.
  • Meditation promotes relaxation, induces a sense of well-being, peace and calm, and clears the mind.
  • Meditation can also help alleviate health problems.
  • Meditation helps to restore your mental and inner balance.

But how do you add another activity to your already busy life?

You can combine meditation with a very basic, everyday activity...which is essential to your needs: that activity is cooking.

There are many forms and levels of meditation. Simple tasks encourage peace. One of the most basic forms of meditation is finding peace and joy in simple daily tasks. Cooking is a simple daily task. You can also try complex recipes to practice cooking and meditation. Simple soups and casseroles become a peace-making event.

"I'm happy to come home to cook something."

The chef's energy goes into the food.

Check it out!

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