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AYURVEDA - metabolism, cell renewal and the 7 tissues in Ayurveda

Every second 50 million new body cells have to be produced in the human body. Why? Because so many "old" ones need to be replaced. The conditions in the gastrointestinal tract should function in such a way that a liquid "Rasa-Dhatu" is created from the basic substance Ahara Rasa. Dhatus are body tissues.

From the point of view of Ayurveda, the different body tissues develop as part of a tissue-specific metabolic process. One tissue emerges from the other! The Rasa Dhatu is the first body tissue which refreshes and nourishes all cells and organs.

Rasa-Dhatu contains all three doshas. Rasa-Dhatu is the "transport company of the body" because it transports doshas to their destination on the one hand, but also channels dissolved doshas and toxins out of the body on the other. Therefore, Rasa-Dhatu is essential in the Panchakarma cure, which aims at cleansing the body of toxins and regaining the Prakriti (basic constitution).

Rasa-Dhatu (blood plasma and lymph) then produces blood (Rakta-Dhatu), then it becomes muscle (Mamsa-Dhatu). Then comes fat (Meda-Dhatu), from it bones (Asthi-Dhatu) and from it bone marrow (Majja-Dhatu). Then the circle closes, because the male and female reproductive tissue (Shukra/ Artava) arises from Maija-Dhatu.

Prerequisite for all life functions - the function of the metabolism - all cell-renewing functions is the digestive fire "Agni". Agni controls the breakdown of food into usable nutrients and waste products, breaks down food (as mentioned above) into its individual elements and transforms these nutrients in the process of conversion into tissue.

The characteristics of Agni are different in every human being. Therefore, every person has different eating habits, which depend on their individual appetite, and possibly completely different problems, such as being overweight, lacking energy or even diseases of the digestive organs.

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