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Mantra - What is it?

What is a mantra?

The word mantra means purification of the mind.

We can read a lot about the meaning of mantras, but we only really understand them when we work with them and experience their effectiveness in everyday life.

Why does our mind have to be cleaned?

If we put ourselves in the observer role and pay attention to what we're thinking, we realize that our minds are constantly chattering. This is also called Monkey Mind.

We have a lot to do every day and our mind has to process a flood of information every day. Even though we see this as normal and a habit for us, it is pure stress for our mind. Because everything we absorb (read and hear) interacts with us (with our energy field).

We can use mantras to slow down mental peak performance, to bring multitasking into monotasking and to balance out the chaos of thoughts.

Mantras serve the purpose of letting us focus on one thing. Here it is focusing on a word or phrase. Because by constantly repeating a sentence or word, we calm our thoughts, our mind.

Once the ghost tries to distract us, we get bogged down. This happens very often in the beginning, because the mind is used to wanting/having to think about many things. It's so trained, so it's the mind's habit.

When our thoughts are calmed, we begin to relax. In relaxation we can regenerate and recharge our batteries. The life energy gets deep into our being due to deep breathing. If we do the mantra practice regularly, we promote deep breathing, which is an important part of our health.

With deep breathing we begin to perceive ourselves, how we feel, what needs and desires we have. This is important so that we don't get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Furthermore, of course, each mantra has its own potency. There are protective mantras, mantras to activate the self-healing powers, Bija mantras, mantras of Indian deities, mantras to connect with inner wisdom, mantras to overcome fears and much more.

In order to find the right mantra for you, it is important to know what I want to achieve for myself with the mantra.

For example:

  • perform deep inner work
  • Increase trust
  • strengthen unity consciousness
  • Mobilize strength to master difficult situation
  • cure pain
  • Release fears
  • welcome the day
  • say goodbye to the day
  • and much more.

It makes sense to use the mantra daily. In this way, the energy field receives light-filled impulses every day. Practicing every day will become a new habit you have grown fond of and will not want to be without.

Many years ago I was led to mantras by two Buddhist women. It is light-filled nourishment and is simply good for you. If you want to learn more about me and my work, then take a look at my website.


Ute Freyaldenhoven

About our author

Ute began her training and further education in the field of 'body-mind-soul' in 2005 and since then has gotten to know many Ayurveda therapists, animal health practitioners, shamans, Buddhists, mediums and yoga teachers who have contributed to how her 'world view' changed and her horizon expanded. In terms of there being far more than what our eyes see.

Ute has been working with mantras for many years. Meditation or simply retreat into silence have become an important part of her life.

Ute offers a lot of information on her website : She creates individual AyurYoga sessions, offers mentoring and work in and around the energy field by you or your pet ♥

Ute is the author of the book 60 seconds of gratitude - a workbook in which she explains why you are the way you are and what it means that EVERYTHING interacts with each other stands. She does this from an Ayurvedic perspective. With exercises that should be done daily, everyone can take a step further on the path into the Self!



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