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Essential oils are volatile, aromatic compounds and the pure essence of plant extracts. The plants go through a special distillation process in which the essential oil is separated from its plant part. 

We encounter essential oils as part of herbs and spices every day in our everyday lives: whether it's the cinnamon on our morning porridge, a cup of peppermint tea in the afternoon or the basil on the spaghetti in the evening - we always consume volatile essential oil compounds.

But in addition to the emotional component, which anyone who has ever come into contact with high-quality essential oil can immediately understand, there are also more and more scientific studies that deal with the health benefits of essential oils on a biochemical level.

The nose, with its approximately 350 scent receptors, naturally plays a crucial role in the perception of scents. Biochemically, the messenger molecule cAMP plays an important role, converting the odor information triggered via the odor receptors in the olfactory sensory cells into an electrical impulse that is transmitted to the brain via the central nervous system. But there are scent receptors not only in the nose, but in all body cells, for example in fatty tissue, but also in organs such as the lungs, heart or kidneys, where they are usually not expected. 

Be inspired by our selection of essential oils and their effect on the soul, mind and body! 


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