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Craniosacral therapy and herbal medicine – a wonderful combination

Relax your body, strengthen your defenses and build up your nervous system...

Craniosacral therapy is gentle body therapy.

This form of therapy is used in empirical medicine.a for states of exhaustion, pain, for birth preparation, for pregnancy problems, joint problems, concentration and learning difficulties, headaches, trauma, menstrual problems, migraines, back pain, stress, teeth grinding and for babies after difficult births, cesarean sections, premature births, crying babies, poor posture, breastfeeding problems.

If someone e.g.b If you are in pain, then something in your body is out of whack. Finding out what causes pain is sometimes very simple and sometimes very complex. Our body is a miracle in which muscles, tendons, bones, but also the nervous system, hormones and mental issues work closely together.

What do I do as a craniosacral therapist?

I perceive the whole body. For example, it may be that headaches are caused by a blockage in the pelvis and that there is tension in the head area via the spine. It may be that the jaw is involved - e.g. b The masseter, the large chewing muscle that runs from your cheekbones to your lower jaw, provides most of the strength in the body.

At the same time, there is the potential to pull on various bones and other muscles in the body when it is tense. If the masseter and the temporalis muscle (the muscle above the ear) are tense, it can even lead to impaired hearing in various contexts because the fragile system of the ear is disturbed by the strong muscle pulls.

Just gently stroke the muscles above your ear yourself - where is the skin tight, where does gentle pressure cause pain? Massage there carefully with light circular movements. The masseter also likes gentle circular movements from top to bottom. Attention - please never press so hard that it hurts - this can increase existing tension!

There are various techniques in craniosacral therapy to loosen and relax both muscles and also the bones. Essential oils can also be helpful here - processed into a cream that relieves pain and has a relaxing effect, such as peppermint, lavender or marjoram. Or plants for internal use such as lady's mantle to strengthen the nerves and tone muscles or St. John's wort tincture to relieve pain and strengthen the nervous system.

That's the beauty of combining body work and medicinal plants - you can work directly on the muscles, nerves and bones and at the same time treat both the soul and body through the plants with their complex active ingredients.

Mindful body work includes the knowledge that the body also stores mental issues in its structures. When I release tight spots, old feelings that were previously held in place by tension can emerge. Through herbal medicine with its mental and physical effects, I can help issues really change and new things emerge.

A similarly strong muscle to the masseter is located in the pelvic and abdominal area, the psoas. Among other things, he reacts to criticism and fear by abbreviating, and he doesn't like it when we just sit and are stressed at the same time. This fascinating muscle goes through our pelvis to the thigh and attaches to the thoracic spine on the other side, directly under the diaphragm.

If the psoas is shortened or hardened, this can lead to back pain, leg problems, complaints in the thoracic spine, but also depression and exhaustion through the connection with the spine and various parts of our autonomic nervous system.

You see – our body is a wonderful, tightly connected system. And sometimes the causes of a symptom are completely different than you think. This makes working with the body partly detective work.

If someone asks me what exactly I do, I say: I'm actually a construction worker. I release blockages in body and soul. Read with my hands where energy doesn't flow. In other words, where, to stick with the street comparison, the traffic doesn't flow. Then find out why it stalls. And then, if possible, resolve the blockage. Support with medicinal plants – as tea, cream, oil or tincture.

An everyday tip for you

A wonderful tea blend for strong nerves, which also contains many nutrients such as calcium, iron +, magnesium and stimulates our metabolism:

  • Stinging nettle for detoxification and our inner clarity
  • Lavender for strong nerves and healing sleep Rose to love ourselves, relax our center and enhance the effectiveness of all other plants
  • Dandelion flowers and leaves for new courage and transformation and to strengthen and relieve our organs of change, the liver and kidneys

 Mix the herbs in equal parts.

For a healing tea, 1 teaspoon per cup, cover (so that the essential oils do not evaporate with the steam) and let it steep for 10 minutes. Enjoy.

Best regards and stay healthy,

Anne Hentschel

About our author

Anne Hentschel is a trained alternative practitioner, craniosacral therapist and specialist in medicinal plants and aromatherapy.

She works in various practices and treats adults, children and babies there. Her own practice “Lichtkräuter” in Hamburg, Blankenese opened its doors at the end of 2012. Since 2013 she has also been working as a freelance lecturer and gives wild and medicinal herb training for experts and interested parties. The next appointment (free in Hamburg) is on 15.March - a taster course in wild herb training.

But Anne also offers courses online. This was also the case on 10. April on the topic "Make your own cosmetics".MEGA!


Here is the contact for Anne:

Anne Hentschel  

Erik-Blumenfeld-Platz 19

22587 Hamburg – Blankenese

Appointments by arrangement

Tel.:040-27 86 25 71

Mobile: 0177-563 28 69


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