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Gray hair, hair loss, etc.

"I'm going gray!"

And that's exactly why I sat down and read about why people turn gray in the first place and whether there is a way to stop graying. to inhibit or to strengthen hair growth and color.

From my research the following came out:

Stress as the main cause of gray hair

When there is psychological and physical stress, the body is activated by a stress reaction and the body's functions are adjusted. Imagine getting to safety at the last second before a bad accident happens. At the moment of recognition, a so-called “fight-flight reflex” occurs in your body. For example, you have:

  • heightened senses
  • Lower pain sensitivity
  • increased strength and performance
  • dilated pupils
  • Nervousness


An amino acid (tyrosine) is first converted into norepinephrine and then into adrenaline in a few conversion process steps (body reaction). These reactions take place in the adrenal medulla and in certain nerve cells (noradrenergic neurons) of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system) as well as various brain cells. The two stress hormones are necessary for human survival. That much is certain. But what do these reactions do elsewhere?

It has been researched that hair pigment stem cells also receive stress signals.The stress signal that reaches the cells consists of large amounts of the hormone and neurotransmitter norepinephrine. There it stimulates the stem cells that are responsible for melanin production.

The stem cells divide and become adult melanin cells, which are formed and die much more quickly, leaving no stem cells left to make new melanin cells. Melanin is the color pigment responsible for the natural color of the hair.

With age, melanocyte activity slows down and the production of melanin slowly stops. This causes the hair to lose its natural color and turn white.

So, on the one hand, too much stress as well as increasing age can be responsible for the hair that grows back being colorless.

Other symptoms can also occur, e.g.b Adrenaline is activated as a reaction to everyday stress. Difficulty sleeping when your head is full of thoughts. Fears and worries also stimulate your body to release adrenaline and other stress-related hormones (e.g.b release cortisol).

As the body becomes increasingly exhausted under stress, the norepinephrine level may drop to a very low value. This is often seen in burnout syndrome.

What can I do now?

As described above, melanin formation is supported by the enzyme tyrosine. Some nutrients, vitamins, herbs etc. can provide a valuable service here. Let's take a closer look.

Vital mushrooms against gray hair

QIDOSHA Reishi Extract

Reishi has been shown in studies to have a strong, inhibitory effect on tyrosinase and melanin synthesis. The phenolic compounds in reishi are an active component of tyrosinase inhibitors. Recently, scientific studies have shown that Reishi is the most powerful inhibitor of the tyrosinase enzyme compared to other natural substances.

QIDOSHA Hericium extract

According to TCM, the ingredients of Hericium can promote the regeneration of nerve cells and the growth of nerve fibers. According to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the hedgehog beard can help bring the organism disturbed by stress and unhealthy lifestyle back into a natural, healthy balance.

Ayurvedic herbs - anti aging

QIDOSHA CLEAN with Guduch extract 

Guduchi - a plant that is considered in Ayurveda to cleanse, strengthen and rejuvenate tissue.


The fruit Amla is considered an insider tip against gray hair.

Everyday tips

Of course, all other things that reduce your stress level can also help you. For example

  • Pranayama/breathing exercises
  • Small meditations
  • Yoga or relaxing exercise like a walk in the fresh air
  • Conversations - “get something off your chest”
  • healthy and balanced diet
  • regular exercise
  • Reduce alcohol and coffee consumption

In addition to my everyday wisdom, I will now try the treasures of nature and I am very excited to see whether it will help me. :-) Let's see!

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