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Hay fever, allergies etc.

Sneezing attacks, runny nose, itchy eyes, conjunctivitis or an itchy roof of the mouth

All of these symptoms are most likely no stranger to you and so you look forward to the new season and the development of nature with both a laughing and a crying eye?

The symptoms that occur are the result of a reaction to protein components in plant pollen or grasses.

Are you currently a member of the nose drops, eye drops, antihistamines and cortisone group?

Then we have a few tips here that could help.Just try it out - everything is completely natural!

Nasal rinse/nasal shower with salt water (Emser salt)


  • Reduce sweet and sour tastes in your diet. Use more spicy and bitter components; Sharp taste removes excess mucus and moisture, bitter taste has an anti-allergic effect according to Ayurvedic understanding.
  • You should eliminate dairy products, raw vegetables, animal foods and sweet fruits from your diet for the time being.
  • Heat up your body properly with spices and teas (ginger water, herbal tea).

Do not suppress natural urges, such as coughing or sneezing!

Perform breathing exercises / pranayama

Ayurvedic herbs

The use of nutritional supplements has proven effective for hay fever.

  • Guduchi extract - in Ayurveda it is said to have a strong detoxifying and purifying effect. where v.a the liver should be supported in its detoxifying effect. *Included in QIDOSHA CLEAN
  • Trikatu is a mix of ginger and long black pepper that stimulates the metabolism. In Ayurveda, the digestive fire Agni is central to the immune system, so food should be as spicy and bitter as possible. Both apply perfectly to Trikatu. *Included in QIDOSHA IN-SHAPE

☯️ TCM also has a few tips to offer

Traditional Chinese medicine says that hay fever symptoms originate from a stagnation of metabolism in the head. There are traffic jams. The traffic jam creates slagging in the head. The trigger for this congestion is the pollen that reaches the body through the wind.

There must be a susceptibility to stagnation in the body.

In addition, there must be an immune deficiency, otherwise the pollen would not enter the body but could be successfully repelled.

The origin of the immune system lies in the kidneys. If the kidney strength is sufficient, then the person has a good constitution and a good immune system. The immune system is replenished by nutrition.

In addition, the body receives additional support through breathing (lungs). This is also responsible for the distribution of the immune system on the surface and skin.

The immune system can be strengthened through diet.

  • The Reishi mushroom

This medicinal mushroom has been used in TCM for centuries due to its immune-modulating and adaptogenic properties.

The Reishi can stabilize the mast cells through its triterpenes and reduce the body's release of the hormone histamine. This is responsible for swelling, redness and itching.

Polysaccharides and antioxidants can help quickly relieve hay fever reactions.

  • The almond mushroom

Polysaccharides in a uniquely high concentration can also be found in the Agaricus Blazei Murrill (also known as ABM or almond mushroom) . The beta-glucans contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.

As a “biological response modifier” BRM, it regulates the immune system; If you have a tendency to overreact, it slows down the immune reaction or strengthens it - depending on your individual constitution.

  • Hedgehogbeard - the Hericium mushroom

In order to support the intestines, whose mucous membrane is an essential part of the immune system, the use of hedgehog beard - Hericium - can also make sense. It regenerates and soothes the mucous membrane cells of the intestine.

Acupuncture can also be a great help for the eyes and nose.

So: here’s to a pain-free spring!

Your QIDOSHA team

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